Trail Rides With The Wild Horse Sanctuary

We are excited to announce and have the ability to offer 2-hour trail rides on Saturdays mornings departing at 10:00 am, beginning June 1st through July 27th, 2024.

Space is limited and dates are expected to fill up fast, so call or email now to determine availability and secure your reservations.

To register for a ride, please call us at
(530) 474-5770 or send an email to

About Our Rides

The Sanctuary is rich in Indian and pioneer history. There are remnants of homesteads, Indian camps and arrowheads.

In 2024 on Saturday mornings during the summer months of June and July, to raise money to support the wild horses, the Sanctuary will be offering 2-hour trail rides. Guests will have the opportunity to ride the trails created by the wild horses and burros through pine and oak-studded hills and volcanic rock out cropping's--a bit of paradise dotted with meadows, woods, creeks, and ponds.

Whether riding the valley floor or the rugged, rock-strewn ridges of the Sanctuary, visitors enjoy the excitement of wild herds grazing and running free in their natural surroundings. They share their natural setting with black bear, deer, quail, dove, wild turkey, gray fox, coyote, raccoon, badger, bobcat and mountain lion; also hawks, owls, bald eagles and 150 varieties of song birds.

Rides go out rain or shine.

Cost $175.00, a non-refundable deposit of $75.00 is due at time of booking and final payment is due 7 days prior to your reserved ride date.

Horseback Ride Rules and Conditions

The Wild Horse Sanctuary welcomes everyone to experience the beauty of the wild horses. Due to the nature of the rides, there are some rules and conditions we must abide by to ensure the safety of both horse and rider, as well as, provide an enjoyable experience for all.

Physical Condition

All riders must be in good physical condition and able to independently mount and dismount their horses.

Experience Level

Open to riders from novice to experienced. Due to insurance requirements riding helmets are required to be worn by all. If you have your own riding helmet you are welcome and encouraged to bring it. (Bicycle/skating helmets are not suitable replacements). Please be honest about your experience level so that we can match you with a horse to suit your skills. The following definitions should be used as a guide:

  • Beginner: "Never been on a horse." "I ride 2 or 3 times a year."
  • Novice: "I ride 5 to 10 times a year." (And have for several years)
  • Intermediate: "I ride once a month." (And have for 5 years or more)
  • Advanced: "I ride once a week." (And have for several years)

Due to the fact that the trip includes a saddle weighing approximately 50 lbs., we must limit rider weight to 205 lbs. for the safety of both horse and rider. (Trip participation of riders exceeding the weight limit will be subject to management approval.)

Age Limit

Participation of children under the age of 14 will be subject to Sanctuary management approval.

We Are In Our 45th Year Thanks To The Generosity Of Individual Horse Sponsors

The Sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to those who would like to help in the care of a particular horse or burro. By sponsoring a horse or burro, it becomes "yours." You will be providing food, minor veterinary care, etc., for as long as you continue your support.

In appreciation for helping the Sanctuary save a horse, a picture and a description of the animal are sent to the donor. As a sponsor, you are invited to visit the sanctuary and your horse or burro at any time.

What People are Saying

Dear Dianne,

Sue and I have been friends for 40+ years and many, many years ago we had horses and rode together, along with kids and husbands. We have remained friends no matter where she has lived. This past year she asked if I was up for an Adventure — one last big horse ride — and of course I said yes. Neither one of us had ridden in many years (that mistake I won't make again), took me a few weeks before sitting on a hard surface was OK. But I wouldn't have traded it for the adventure we had.

I must commend you on your fantastic staff — what a great crew! Also your second crew at the cabins. Food was great and they made us feel welcome and part of your family. The group we were riding with were so much fun. I especially enjoyed the water hole where two bands of wild horses came for a drink at the same time. Your horses are well taken care of and that was a pleasure to see. I have never seen so many stars at night as were outside of our cabin. You did feel like you could connect with them and those settlers who may have passed through.

Thank you again for the adventure of a lifetime,

Mary M.
Butler, NJ

Greetings to Dianne and the wonderful staff at Wild Horse Sanctuary!

I am still savoring my recent visit to the Wild Horse Sanctuary May 27 through 29. What you are doing to preserve a slice of our California Legacy is amazing. To see the wild horses in a healthy and peaceful environment was an honor. I felt like I was stepping back in time when riding through the iconic California landscape that you have preserved on the 5000 acres. The passion with which the volunteers conveyed their knowledge of the Sanctuary residents was contagious. The fabulous food prepared by Liz as well as the margaritas and hot shower only topped off an already stellar experience. Look forward to coming back on a work party soon.

Brenda G.

Make A Donation

Your donations feed the wild horses when grazing is scarce, maintain fencing to keep them safe, purchase adjoining lands to increase grazing, improve range land and wildlife habitat by reseeding and fertilizing, build nature trails and campsites, and more.

We offer a variety of ways to donate. Make a Donation today!