Sponsor a Horse

Please Become A Friend Of The Wild Horse Sanctuary. We Need You!

There are horses of all sizes, shapes, colors and ages at the Sanctuary. They are living and dying as they have for 100's of years--wild and free -- but they're living longer now that they have us to take good care of them! That means hay and minerals when the grass in the meadows dries out each summer.

The horses below need you! By sponsoring a horse, you ensure they receive much needed hay and mineral supplements. Your donation is greatly appreciated and is tax deductible.

Thank you for your generosity in sponsoring a Wild Horse. Please take a moment to complete the following sponsor information and indicate which pledge you wish to make.

To make a donation in an amount of your choosing, please click below:

Feed one unsponsored horse for
one month - $50

To care for an unsponsored horse for
3 months - $150

Sponsor a horse for
one year - $600

Make A Donation

Your donations feed the wild horses when grazing is scarce, maintain fencing to keep them safe, purchase adjoining lands to increase grazing, improve range land and wildlife habitat by reseeding and fertilizing, build nature trails and campsites, and more.

We offer a variety of ways to donate. Make a Donation today!