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Internship Application Form

1. Student Name:

2. Address:

3. Phone:

4. Email Address:

5. Birth Date*:

6. Height*:

7. Weight*:

8. Level of Riding Experience*:

9. College or University:

10. Year in School:

11. Academic Major:

12. Minor (If Applicable):

13. Current G.P.A.

14. Relevant Courses Completed in Animal Science, Behavior Ethology, Wildlife Management, or Zoology (Please include all that have been completed or are in progress):
a. Course Name:
Grade Earned:

b. Course Name:
Grade Earned:

c. Course Name:
Grade Earned:

d. Course Name:
Grade Earned:
(add more if needed)

15. Please explain why you are interested in an internship at the Wild Horse Sanctuary:

16. Please provide two reference letters. At least one should be from a teacher or professor. The second may be from a personal friend or family member or employer.

* We use these criteria to match horse and rider and help us organize and plan the workload for the summer months. This information is NOT used for the purposes of selecting specific interns. For additional details on the rules and conditions for weekend trail rides and a chart explaining how to gauge level of riding experience, please visit our web page http://www.wildhorsesanctuary.org/trail-ride-registration.html

Note: Proof of current medical insurance is required in order to begin an internship at the Wild Horse Sanctuary.

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